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Originally Posted by corsair114 View Post
JM2C, but I doubt AP:O was ever intended to be TBR's counter. In all likelihood, the intent was the other way around. PH, on the otherhand, was certainly meant to be the "lolTractorbeams" skill but doesn't have anywhere near enough up time to stop you from getting murdered by Repulsors.

At this point in time, Repulsors cause so much hull attrition that most ships cannot keep up with the incoming damage, even when not Tac-buffed. For the record, 5k per pulse was where TBR 3 were before the damage scaling on TBR got knocked out of whack.
First, TBR radius is of 5 km while cannons is 10. Surely, they get more effective under 6 km but this is another story. With CSV you can still hit more targets while with TBR you only get one, maybe 2 pulses if you are lucky against 3 targets, than possibly another 2 against one single target.

Secondly, blindly pushing opponents away with TBR is stupid and may cost a match (ruining a team alpha strike or an opportunity strike). I pop up mines and try to fly with TBR so that i push the target away then i push it back to mines.

PH negates TBR and it is a wasted comm skill that may prove a turning point in a dog fight. Are you lazy to slot it or you dont want to change your precious "i win" build? It's fun to stay at the butt of a target and pop it away as a tacscort in a few seconds. It also takes a hell of a mastermind to do that. Hey, it was much easier for me to play sciscort or sci cruiser than a sci in a sci vessel!

Some of you should realize that sci captains, that don't want to fly escorts/cruisers or be limited at a single compulsory role of CC (and even that not effective), want to actually feel they have a chance to do something in pvp other than die the first.

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