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Originally Posted by xtremenoob1 View Post
Other issues include ....

1. Seasoned players forming groups and spamming all the broken **** against pugs.
2. Seasoned players justifying their use because XX counters but the use of XX negates viable survivability on ship XX.
3. Outright chain of all broken mechanics.

I guess that's with any game. So while PWE and their money making scheme of PVE tested items is a issue, the blame comes back to the players that exploit these mechanics knowing it's borked. But those idiots will always do that, and when you do it back to them they will QQ. So I guess that's win.

That said, Brandon, talk to the devs about making teams get more hits in the queues. It's silly when I have a group of 4 or 5 and see/know another group of 4-5 is in the queues but the pugs get them. It would seem more practical that pugs get pugs and teams get teams.

In reply to
1. Sometimes seasoned vets are justified to implement said tactics say against a 5 man pug with 4 TBRs. Or AMS, some KDF siphon teams, or whatever a public que may produce. Yes this may not and in most cases is not needed to win anyhow.
2. I could discusses a 4 man oddy team and argue some consoles are justified, but I leave that open for interpretation.
3. As I argued earlier if the mechanic were properly tested or they even cared how they would affect pvp before going live your 3rd issue would be solved for the most part.
It would be nice to have a community govern itself, but the unfortunately the fact is there is no way to hold a player accountable for a violation of any community rules. Even if there were there is no way anyone can enforce illegitimate rules upon the community? So if cryptic had even a small team for pvp they could organize a large group of testers from the player base. These testers would have to be public and open to the entire community and all feedback would have to be looked into prior to release of a patch. Only problem I see with this approach is all the feedback will amount to nothing. I say this because I have seen over the past few years.