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11-08-2012, 06:46 PM
I've been waiting for a really great science ship for my science captain since Season 1 (when Science was nerfed to near oblivion, rendering my RSV inadequate), so I hope the Vesta will work out well.

Full MACO XII space gear, but I will likely just use MACO Shield and Deflector with the Borg Engines simply because I couldn't stand the special effects of the MACO engines (and no point trying to convince me otherwise). Also got the Borg Universal console.

I got the following items, all borg stuff from STFs.

For rear

1 Mark XII Quantum Torp
2 Mark XII Phaser Beam arrays

For front

1 Mark XII Quantum Torp

possible choices of:

1 Mark XII Beam Array
1 Mark XII Double Beam Bank
Sao Paulo Quad Cannons

and of course, the Aux cannons that come with the ship

There will be a lot of playing around on the setup, but I will try to fit in all three vesta consoles. I do have the following as well (all blues)

2 Mark XI Field Generators
1 Mark XI Graviton Generator

1 Mark XI Neutronium Alloy
1 Mark XI Ablative Armour
1 Mark XI Ablative Armour

1 Mark XI Warhead Yield Chamber
1 Mark XI Zero Point Quantum Chamber
1 Mark XI Phaser Array
1 Mark XI Direct Energy Distribution Manifold

So whatever I use there will depend on some experimenting. My aim is to follow the ship as closely as I can with how she is depicted in the books, so I will try to make it work as closely as possible, and swap if its too difficult to be decent gameplay wise (i.e. try the aux cannons but swap back to beams if its not working well).  71862