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Originally Posted by kirksplat View Post
And well some of the page 10 posts are why these Foundry changes are a different debate, you guys. Closing an exploit is closing an exploit. And, if that means that more of you all actually play Foundry missions, then I'm all for it.

But the large fleet v. small fleet, or the whole debate about dilithium... honestly, I don't really care.

I'm a Foundry author who devotes hours just freaking lining up some candlesticks. That is what I do in STO.

But it would really nice to me if more than 3000 players collectively played the 6 missions that have taken me about 800 hours to make.

So all your dilithium smithium fleets smeets. If it's important to you, I'm all for it.

But, this Foundry stuff is important to me. I'd really like to see folks play my missions instead of clicking consoles for a daily reward.

That is STO to me. I just want folks to play my Star Trek and the other Star Trek that other Foundry authors have devoted time to make for the game. We'd like to see you guys play our stuff.

It is frankly a depressing fact that most of the players ignore what we do, because they can click consoles to get the reward for playing our missions.

My god, we've been the only ones really adding any story content for this game for the past year. We'd like to be rewarded for our work. And, we'd like you to be rewarded for actually playing our missions.

I don't think we're asking for much here.
First, please take no offense to what I am about to say, it has nothing to do with you personally nor am I making any claim or review toward the missions you create. I'm sure they are wonderful.

I don't ignore what you do because I can click a console. I ignore foundry missions because they do not interest me. Story has little interest for me, if I want a story I'll read a book thank you very much. I play STO to fly starships, blow stuff up, and for the customization of the starships. I put more time into gearing and trying various builds with my ships than anything else. In a twisted way I also enjoy a good grind.

Different things appeal to different people. For example the new method of getting STF gear appeals to me and my playstyle. However there is another group of players that enjoy the rush of the rare drop. Of the discovery of the purple tech drop along with that Mk 12 weapon with [CritH] x3 that are going to be extremely unhappy with the changes. Ironically those are also the players who are more likely to open lockboxes.

To me the console clicky was simply an easy way to get fleet marks. And they will be replaced with 'kill 1 klingon' soon enough I'm sure.

You see there was a developer not long ago that decided to tell players what was fun, and how they wanted their game to be played. That game broke PC sales records based on the franchise name alone. That game also has had no where near the player retention desired by the publisher and has undergone numerous patches trying to appeal to a broader audience. I highly doubt their next installment will sell nearly as well but I could be wrong.

STO should attempt to appeal to as broad of an audience as possible. It should have a variety of things for a variety of people to enjoy. Season 7 has some really great content and I am looking forward to it. However, telling players how they should play the game, eliminating aspects that appeal to a particular portion of the player base with nothing to replace them, and attempting to fix exploits that they severely lack the tech or capability to truly remove are all errors.

With season 7 they are chasing away players that do enjoy the current STF loot style. They are making fleet bases more difficult for smaller fleets. And they are making it much more difficult for a non hardcore player to progress in the Doff system. Many of these effects are due to seemingly unrelated system changes. Like the clickly removal, but the result is the only thing that matters, not the intent.