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Originally Posted by kirksplat View Post
And well some of the page 10 posts are why these Foundry changes are a different debate, you guys. Closing an exploit is closing an exploit. And, if that means that more of you all actually play Foundry missions, then I'm all for it.

But the large fleet v. small fleet, or the whole debate about dilithium... honestly, I don't really care.

I'm a Foundry author who devotes hours just freaking lining up some candlesticks. That is what I do in STO.

But it would really nice to me if more than 3000 players collectively played the 6 missions that have taken me about 800 hours to make.

So all your dilithium smithium fleets smeets. If it's important to you, I'm all for it.

But, this Foundry stuff is important to me. I'd really like to see folks play my missions instead of clicking consoles for a daily reward.

That is STO to me. I just want folks to play my Star Trek and the other Star Trek that other Foundry authors have devoted time to make for the game. We'd like to see you guys play our stuff.

It is frankly a depressing fact that most of the players ignore what we do, because they can click consoles to get the reward for playing our missions.

My god, we've been the only ones really adding any story content for this game for the past year. We'd like to be rewarded for our work by getting some plays. And, we'd like you to be rewarded for actually playing our missions.

I don't think we're asking for much here. We're asking that you get something for playing our stuff instead of being lazy.

Agreed. I'm trying to do both, work in the foundry and run two fleets. Obviously I don't get as much time in the foundry as I'd like. I have 5 missions ready to be published whenever they decide to give us certain assets and functions. I can't even get a certain costume I need. I'm not going to publish anything half assed, and have to take it down to redo. Already had to do that before with the first two missions I published. Really need these costumes.