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11-08-2012, 07:06 PM
Originally Posted by odyssey47 View Post
That doesn't mean they should leave the exploit. Closing it might not get many, if any, more foundry players, but the exploit should still be closed, like any exploit. The people that do play real foundry missions, every 3 runs they'll get a nice reward. I really don't see a reason for arguing about this other than selfishness.
I have no problems with the hole being closed, but the real problem that sent people in that direction needs to be addressed as well.

And as we get more dilithium sinks ... even larger fleets will feel the burn and Season 7 brings a LOT more sinks that will absorb player dilithium.

And for those who use zen to get dilithium ... This will cause the exchange rate to go way away from what it is now as less dilithium will feed the exchange.

A HUGE thank you to Cryptic for the Mogh-class battle cruiser!