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Originally Posted by bareel View Post
First, please take no offense to what I am about to say, it has nothing to do with you personally nor am I making any claim or review toward the missions you create. I'm sure they are wonderful.

I don't ignore what you do because I can click a console. I ignore foundry missions because they do not interest me. Story has little interest for me, if I want a story I'll read a book thank you very much. I play STO to fly starships, blow stuff up, and for the customization of the starships. I put more time into gearing and trying various builds with my ships than anything else. In a twisted way I also enjoy a good grind.

Different things appeal to different people.

All that is fine by me. If you have no interest in story, then you obviously don't care about Foundry. But, you shouldn't get Foundry rewards for having no interest in Foundry missions.

However, if you do care, you should be rewarded for caring, not for going through the steps to pretend that you do care.

No interest in Foundry? Fine, no Foundry rewards for you. No interest in STFs? Fine, no STF rewards for you.

But, you should not be placed in a position to decide:

"Gee, do I run an STF for this gear, or do I click a console to get it?" That isn't fair to the makers of the STFs, nor is it fair to the makers of Foundry missions. It kind of makes our time and devotion to creating content meaningless on some level.

I get that we'll only appeal to a certain type of player, but we need a level playing field to even try to compete.