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Originally Posted by bubblygumsworth View Post
This is most likely not the same thing but usually you get your fleet leader to call the targets using the /bind t team "Focus fire on: $Target" bind. This tells team members to focus fire on a single target.
Not the same thing. What you are mentioning is the ability to tell your team in team chat what your target is. The team still has to tab through or look for the target you are mentioning. /Assist <Person's Name> instantly selects <Person's Name>'s target.

Now looking at your situation. If person A says to team to target their target. With the assist command they could just go /Assist A.
Or in a keybind /bind t "Assist A"

Now if you don't go with person A, then you have to reset your keybind to person B.

With an /AssistSquadleader all you need to do is set the target caller as the squadleader, and then have a keybind: /bind t "AssistSquadLeader"

Now when you run with a different group in an STF, all you need to do is press T and everyone will shoot at the same target.