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11-08-2012, 07:35 PM
Thanks. And yeah, having the extra options in game would be really, really, really welcome. It actually helped a lot with these, as some of the scheme selection combos only look right when the colors are flip-flopped between different sections, or when one of the colors needs to be greyed out on one section but filled in with blue/green/darker grey on another.

It may not be visible in the pics, but the hull plating on the 1701-refit I did is actually mix-n-matched: the engineering hull is I think option 2 (the dingy warm white one with the more industrial looking panels), while the rest is option 1 I think (the pearly one with the next-gen style deflector). The option with the offending next-gen deflector is actually the closest to the overall specularity, underlying color, and paneling of the actual movie ship, but it has the least accurate defector. The option I used on the engineering hull is actually better overall for that component (the filming model actually does have slightly more industrial looking panels and warmer base color on the engineering hull), but for the rest of the ship it looks to chunky and the specularity's too flat.

Trying to the the same in-game would require harsh compromises to an already harshly compromised likeness.

None of the available textures replicate the distinctive "aztec panel" patterns most fed ships have had between TMP and FC, and they all appear to represent either pearl white or bare metal surfaces. Pre-FC next gen era ships are all light blue or blue-green in base color, not pearl white like movie era or flat white like post-FC next gen. Only Ent-era starfleet ships are bare metal. This makes it difficult to approximate the Galaxy, Intrepid, Olympic, Defiant, etc.

It looks like there's only one single generic texture map in the entire game for each of the four Fed plating options (plus another three or four for the Klinks), and the rest is all just creative UV mapping. Same with the schemes (except I think fed and klink share the same scheme textures). Great resource management, but it does limit the ships to a kind of toy-like impressionistic looseness.

But this also means that simply swapping the deflector circle from one panel texture map to another to give the refit 1701 the ideal panel and deflector combo (for an in-game edtor that can't mix-n-match panel textures) would risk, say, borking the the Galaxy's ideal deflector/paneling combo.

TL,DR: Yes, patching the in-game shipyard costume editor to have the same options as the Foundary costume editor would be bloody fantastic.