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11-08-2012, 08:02 PM
Originally Posted by odyssey47 View Post
But you think your "perception" is "reality"? I'm telling you how it is and what you need to do to make your fleet progress at the pace you want but you refuse, and you've deluded yourself into thinking that you're going to be catered to for having a small lazy fleet. Sounds like I'm more in touch with reality.
Nope ... I'm saying its my point of view and my perception.

Neither of us are talking reality. Hell, this is a fictional game if you want to get down to specifics.

Truth is ... You don't know what its like to walk in the shoes of other fleets other than your own.

At least I work closely with other fleet leaders and members of other fleets via a coalition. ... All of whom seem to agree.

A HUGE thank you to Cryptic for the Mogh-class battle cruiser!