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11-08-2012, 08:08 PM
Originally Posted by genhauk View Post
Nope ... I'm saying its my point of view and my perception.

Neither of us are talking reality. Hell, this is a fictional game if you want to get down to specifics.

Truth is ... You don't know what its like to walk in the shoes of other fleets other than your own.

At least I work closely with other fleet leaders and members of other fleets via a coalition. ... All of whom seem to agree.
Also, I was in another fleet before I created my own. It was stagnant and dying because the fleet leader was content to let it remain small and not bother to recruit. The fact that you belong to a "coalition" really undermines your position on this topic. Instead of pulling your resources into fewer, or even one fleet, you're in a bunch of fleets having to fill the same projects multiple times. I really don't see the logic in not merging the fleets together. This would solve your problem. You're shooting yourself in the foot. It's ridiculous. Is there a reason other than x amount of people all want to be fleet leaders? I really don't see the point in your coalition.