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11-08-2012, 08:40 PM
The only thing that really bothers me, actually, is the phasers on the Enterprise.

The image is of the in-game Enterprise (no problem with that), but it has phaser strips, like that of a TNG-era ship. In TMP-era they used those bulb emitters. That has bothered me in STO, but I hide that bother with the assumption that it is merely a refit. The Enterprise-A, though, should have those older style phasers!

This isn't a big problem, and I don't care if anything gets put ahead of this, but it would be nice if this did get looked at

I'm not sure how it would be fixed, though, short of releasing an entire new skin for the Constitution (which would be great), but hardly worth the time to fix a sort-of issue on a limited-time featured project on the Starbase.