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11-08-2012, 09:33 PM
Originally Posted by crypticarmsman View Post
If you're just playing for the 'better' gear, yes, it's worthless as the drop rates aren't that much better.

However, if you're playing it (like me) on Elite because the lower setting are so ROFLSTOMP easy, you could progress in game by watching your pet walk across your keyboard, kill stuff, and never get you or your ship killed - in could be worth it.

I play on Elite just because I wan't some small level of challenge (and even on Elite it's not much.)

But, in the end, people should do what's the most enjoyable for themselves, as this is, in the end, a game you're hopefully playing for relaxation and enjoyment.
Good point, I honestly don't plan on changing from elite to normal, I was just expecting something better. I remember the last toon I rolled up about a year ago I was getting some really good drops, I just kind of expected the same thing with this one.

I'm actually mostly playing this new toon because I finally got around to watching DS9 and Voyager, so I figured after watching those it might make the story in game seem more interesting to me.