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11-08-2012, 09:44 PM
The root problem is their f2p model and trying to keep people from making farming bots/alts to keep the economy fairly even. A casual player wouldn't hit the daily cap, but a botter/someone who just has a crap ton of characters on the account could just run doff/console mission etc and get orders of magnitude more dilithium in a day. There really is no easy answer.

They could make it an account cap, but people would just make more accounts.

They could try some stuff by looking @ IPs, but multiple people could be behind the same public IP, or do somethings to change their public IP I won't get into.

They could do things based on payment methods, but not everyone has given them that info.

Email accounts can be created on the spot, so they can't monitor based on that.

They could get into expensive data mining to see how often accounts/toons are logged on and what they're doing.

Tbh, I don't care so much since I PvP mostly and they won't even bother giving PvPers Fleet rewards for PvPing as a Fleet based team. That's far worse imo than people trying to avoid a time sink and make a map for quick dilithium. I'm a cynic regarding this. Imo, it's so they can show people do even less PvP since they have to grind so much outside of PvP now. STFs are bad enough, now there's a crap ton more currencies for no PvP options to obtain them.