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I'm fine with the change. I could care less about dilithium. But I do see it as a possible way to get more people to play my missions. I have some on the KDF side that would be a perfect way for people to get the wrapper done. There's 3 of them, they're fun, reasonably short (30-45 minutes) have plenty of combat and a good story.

Problem is, I don't know if they'll qualify for the wrapper. Nobody does. In no uncertain terms Cryptic: WE NEED TO KNOW THE REQUIREMENTS. I need to know if I can market them as good wrapper missions.

I just spent about two hours creating a mission on Tribble. It has two non-combat space maps with several objectives and dialogue each followed by an interior map with combat and a space map with combat. The space maps were custom-built with custom backdrops. The interior map was stock of course but with plenty of objects and npcs placed. AND it has a story. Not a complex one, and its not a complex mission, but it has complete story and isn't just pew pew. BUT according to the Foundry UI, IT DOESN"T QUALIFY!

So I ask again: what does it take to qualify?

Feel free to check the mission out. Who knows, it may need to get out of 5-review purgatory as one of the requirements. It's called "Falling like the Fahrenheit" ST-TRASGKT8K

Fed, 35+

Currently it just kind of stops after the 4th map, my intent being to keep adding to it until it qualifies (tomorrow, I'm dead tired). Unless of course they come out and tell us the requirements.
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