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Originally Posted by carl103 View Post
Err no, right from the moment it was introduced back in TNG it involved them going elsewhere. Notrmal warp moves you through space time using a subspace feild. Transwarp actually drops you into subspace.
Not according to Memory Alpha:

In this article it makes a distinction between Feddie transwarp drives and Borg transwarp drives. It doesn't describe Starfleet's specific methods for attempting to enter transwarp, but implies that their attempts were different from the Borg method of constructing transwarp conduits. It wasn't until the Paris-fishman Voyager episode that it mentions using whatever method to enter subspace directly.

And since there's an apparent distinction between "transwarp space" and "subspace" when referring to the Borg method.

In any case, my theory stands and doesn't necessarily conflict with yours. The way they're described, Feddie attempts have been to use whatever method to break an acceleration barrier, while Borg methods have involved creating permanent shortcuts with specific entrances and exits.

With the Starbase gates, Gamma Orionis, and fixed-point transwarp exits, Starfleet seems to have picked the Borg version as the workable one, though the ability for any ship to enter transwarp from anywhere to reach a fixed exit seems to imply that a hybrid method may be in use.