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11-08-2012, 10:21 PM
Weaponry: 2 dual beams, thermionic torpedo / 3 turrets

Cannon damage falloff is too extreme to be worthwhile in such a massive and sluggish ship. For cannons you have to get close, and not only will you have a lot of issues efficiently getting close with this behemoth you are also surrendering a big chunk of survivability by not taking an engineer in that CMD slot. You want to be far away to mitigate your sluggishness and you want to focus on one target at a time so you don't draw too much heat to handle.

For my experiments into Tactical Reclusion, I went with:

Torpedo high yield 1
Torpedo high yield 2
Beam target shields 3
Attack pattern beta 3

Here's why:
1.) Two copies of Torp HY is to make the anemic Thermionic Torpedo into the utterly devastating Heavy Disruptor Torpedo. Every 15 seconds you will be launching a HDT that can almost completely shut down an enemy's engines and weapons until the next HDT arrives.

2.) Target shields 3 has obvious purpose. Given that the highest DPS pet you have is based on torpedo spam, anything to knock down shields is a big plus for getting your pets to perform well.

3.) And pattern beta again has obvious utility. It has the benefits for a carrier of not only boosting your weapons, but also the performance of all your fighters and team mates too. (Plus it's fun to see the APB3 stacked on the enemy when so few other people ever use it because they're in a sordid affair with Scatter Volley)

The focus of this build is to disable and weaken an enemy, rather than grind down their hull. Yes, you can put a tactical commander on this ship but it's not a tactical ship: it's a carrier. It's big and slow and really meant for supporting, not Rambo'ing. Let your fighters be your DPS because they are good at it, while you stay back and mastermind the operation. Tactically.