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11-08-2012, 11:03 PM
p2wsucks, you are full of it.

STO economy is secured because you cannot trade ANYTHING of worth, DIlithium cannot be traded and so its useless for professional Gold Farmers to do and making alt accounts? are you serious? you cannot trade or transfer Dilithium to another account PERIOD!

Well not exactly, DOFFs could be used for that but since the Dilithium return was made so low it would need thousand of DOFFs to even reach a acceptable amount of Dilithium and with the limits in Mail that would get old FAST ... this is why Dilithium Farming in STO is pretty much a personal affair.

Not going over botters since ... well lets say you must have read the term but completely fail to grasp how they work, I do and once again it does not work because of the above.

Also Daily Refining cap.

Also the thing you "dont want to get into" are called proxies, not exactly helping when you are just random shooting hoping to hit something.

Oh and funny you mention you are a PvPer ... anyway wants to venture a guess what is the easiest and fastest way to get Dilithium in the game?