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11-09-2012, 12:10 AM
You can also try:

RSP2, Aux2batt1, EPtS1
HE1, TSS2, PO2

Ironically, the Recluse is actually the most tactically oriented full carrier on the Fed side. The Aux2Batt1 goes with 3xTechnicians and PO2. The end result is that Aux2batt firing off back to back and by the time PO2 wears off its cooldown is up as well.

And you have 8s of RSP every 20 seconds on top of 100% TT uptime. Ridiculously tanky.

Chucked a tractor beam in there for some utility that does not rely on Aux, for you will have 5 aux for the entire time you are in combat. Which means your fighters spawn at about 45s intervals. Not too bad, considering that your CRF2 is making all your tetryon cannons proc into overtime.

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