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i would like screen shots to confirm or you are making lies good sir. also btw crusiers aint meant for killing things they are the meatshields for the frail ships giving just enough dps to get attention to themselves or by backing up the group with heals. I myself usually love using my odyssey as a heal boat runnin almost all if not all the variants of hull heals and shield heals minus sci team (that would hurt my 2 eng teams). i use all the ships and see their merits and the rewards system is based on contribution to the team not solely on dps as you have claimed. ill have to dig the quotes up from the devs on that i forgot where they were as im typing this. Escorts are DPS kings no question there and people have found ways to increase a escorts time in the front lines of fire ( i do apologize for this wall of text but i am having a big urge to give all my thoughts on this ) all you have done sir has made rant posts while not offering a way to help bolster a crusiers dps which is possible i can get a healthy 900 dmg per beam on my oddy and she still can tank like a boss you just have to find what works.
A capable jem or escort can really burst heavily in PvP. I have the odd feeling that most people that defend the current Galaxy do not PvP at all.