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Do Phaser relay consoles boost damage on the Phaser Lotus weapon?

Also, I'm currently outfitting the Chimera like my Armitage (2x DHC /1x Quad+ 1x Quantum Fore/3x Turrets Aft , but I feel less effective somehow due to the different Boff setup making me lose powers I'm typically used to cycling.

My current Chimera layout:
Cdr Tac: Tac Team 1/Torp Spread 2/AP Beta 3/Rapid Fire 3
LtC Uni (Eng): Emergency Power Shields 1/Rev. Polarity 2/Emer. Shields 3
Lt Eng: Eng Team 1/Direct. Ener. Mod
Lt Sci: Transfer Shield 1/Haz. Emitters 2
En Uni (Tac): Tac Team 1

This setup is different from my Armitage, and as a result I've lost some powers like Scatter Volley and my 2nd copy of Rapid Fire, and I don't feel like my Lt. Engineering slot is well used - Eng Team cuts into my Tac Team cycle and DEM isn't very useful for STFs (I don't do PVP).

Do you have advice for making the most of this new layout? I'm open to any suggestions, although if possible I'd like to avoid drastically respeccing my crew, as I like to switch between my Armitage and whatever.

You can double check if you want on the phaser console; Grab a cheap phaser console(Mk XI white will do), go to non-sector space (where your BOff powers are live, like outside ESD or DS9) switch to tac mode. Hover over the Phaser Lotus button, you should see some sort of damage or DPS rating. Slot in the phaser console, wait a few seconds and check the number again.

I think of the Chimera as an escort, and would just slot the second Tac you usually use in the Armitage into the Lt. Comm Uni spot. Then put a Eng into the Ensign with EPtS, and go EPtS 1 and Aux2Structural 1 in the Lt. Eng. Aux2Structural is small hull heal and resist buff, but on a very fast 15 sec. cooldown that doesn't interfere with the Team cooldowns.

Originally Posted by cinerama818 View Post
You are aware that [Borg] weapons do not work?
Only the [Borg] proc doesn't work correctly, they're effectively a blue quality weapon -- still nice at Mk XII and pretty cheap to get until S7.