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Originally Posted by alexindcobra View Post
4k bleedthrough dmg X 10 hits per second = 40k pers second . Along with not being able to read, maybe Baudi can't do simple math either. He like to laugh and mock people he disagrees with instead of actaully bringing data to counter the argument. I got that data from a test on my own ship against a friend who had a beefed up escort. He can laugh on because he is just a fan on the sidelines trying to routing for a side.
40k per second for 10 seconds, man that is are lucky to get a 40k BO3 after that you are basically gimped with 60 to 70 weapon way in the following 9 seconds you can keep that numbers up.
also, what do you do for 10 seconds, while an escort is pounding on you? ever tried to heal yourself? or do you get tea in the meantime?
anyway, the reason i do not care to explain or bring data is simply because you ignore it anyway.

anyway before you came to 40k
1)You forgot that shields get bleed through damage from energy weapons, so even while RSP and Tac team is up, there 10% damage bleeding through shields. 10% bleed through of a 400k critical attack is 40k per second, 4k per hit for 10 seconds which DHC's can delivered alot faster and more frequent than beams. Beams can only deliver critical attack through BO which sometime miss and the damage is not continuous. RCV or RCF will deliver continuous damge until cycle is finished. Even if some of the cannon bolts miss, there are a hundred more bolts that will hit you.
why should i even care to start explaining (as others did), i know it is total targh turd anyway, and you will keep whining about stuff you have no clue about anyway.

A capable jem or escort can really burst heavily in PvP. I have the odd feeling that most people that defend the current Galaxy do not PvP at all.
yeah heavily, but not 40k/sec for 10 sec...cut that number in half for 5 sec and you may be on to something.
The galaxy has an obvious problem, that is simply that other ships (oddy) can do anything it does...but better. It still is a nice support/heal cruiser for PVP...just not the best one anymore.
Go pro or go home

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