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Originally Posted by dalnar83 View Post
Jem with DHCs can easily crit you for 5k per hit. A competent player can burst you down below 5s, unless you already have defense buffs up.
yeah, but not for 10 sec in a which you basically should hit EPtS, TSS, etc...which cuts his numbers after the first 2 seconds in half or even more. and here i'm not even taking into account the def value...even if you have only 20% that will cut his overall dmg down by 20% and you normally go around with 50% or more.
then completely ignored reistance (maco shield) further 10%. When i wrote "cut this numbers in half" i meant the shots will not hit you for 5k...they hit more like 2.5 k or they don't even hit you at all 50% of the time.
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