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Originally Posted by dalnar83 View Post
I don't think so. I find it hard to justify the cost. ...

... Oh well. Why must all good looking fed ships have crap stats It's almost like someone has biass for certain ships
But see, that's just your opinion here. The Regent is totally different than the standard Assault Cruiser/Fleet Heavy Cruiser, it's a tactical cruiser and not a healer. I assure you after using the Fleet Heavy Cruiser both in premade and pug PvP that it's stats are definitly not crap. It's the Fleet version of Assault Cruisers without changing the ships main purpose like the Regent does. It is an upgrade, everything else just comes down to you likeing or not likeing the ship.

The Regent and it's theoretical fleet version is more in a category with the Excelsior, which also is not a primary healing cruiser. Even here, looking at how some BOFF powers are working now, the Excelsior has a small advantage over the Regent. So yes, if you are tactical captain piloting a cruiser the Excelsior or Regent is probably better for you, but being an Engineer in PvP the Fleet Heavy Cruiser has the advantage. It's all dependencies.

Edit: I'm talking purely stats here, not about the cost of 4 ship modules. That's a different topic but don't forget that they can be purchased with EC.
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