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11-09-2012, 12:19 AM
Everything I ever say or do is aimed at PVE.

Somebody will probably laugh at me, but this is what I use on my Mirror Vor'cha.

Front weapons:
* beam array
* dual beam
* dual heavy cannons
* photon torpedo
Rear weapons:
* beam array
* 3 turrets

Boff arrangement
Tacteam1, AttackBeta1
EPTW1, Aux2Dampener1, EngTeam3, Aux2Structural3

Polarize1, TSS2

KHG shield
KHG deflector
Efficient Impulse engine

Disruptor coils * 3
Neutronium armor * 2
Monotanium armor * 1
RCS * 1
Plasmonic Leech
Assimilated console

The ad-hoc weapon loadout is based on a theory I have, where the more you can break up the weapon firing patterns so that not everything is firing at the exact same time, the more efficiently you use your weapon power. And it seems to work. It also looks really really cool

Boff powers aimed at survival. I can help allies, but mostly it's intended to keep ME alive. Even without fancy tactical abilities I can do enough damage to grab aggro usually simply because with my survivabilty I'm right in the enemy's plasma vents. Running 100 to weapons and 50 to shields constantly, alternating between EPTS and EPTW when on the attack or between EPTS and EPTA when tanking defensively. Between Aux2ID and Evasive and the inherently good agility for a cruiser, it's easy to be wherever you want to be as long as you remember that it drifts like crazy on sharp turns

Moves well, hits pretty hard, difficult to kill, and can throw some good heals on allies. Mirror Vor'cha is probably my favorite ship in the game.