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11-09-2012, 12:26 AM
From my point, they are both tactical ships. I'm not obcessed by high tactical abilities.

It's a fair tradeoff between lt.cmd tac and lt.cmd eng, while both slots can be used offensively and defensively.

A straight fleet version of normal assault cruiser, would have...

42900 hps and 1,1 shield modifier, and 10 consoles, but 7 turn rate (something fleet regent will get eventually). Now if I use the cryptic turn/vs hps ration, which is about 1,5k per one turn point.

It should yield something like 41k hps and 1,1shield modifer. Sure you get a shield hps bonus even with the lower modifier, but your native shield regen will take a hit from the 0,94, means using reg shields (full borg for example) is a lot worse. It might not seem at first glance but it is so.

I take it from my fleet nova experience vs. fleet nebula experience. The nova actually has +500 shield points on borg shields, but the regen on max shield power is at 2/3 more or less.

See, fleet nova at least got better layout, fleet saber got better turn rate, but what did fleet heavy cruiser retrofit got ?

There simply is no fleet level assault type cruiser in STO atm.

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