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Originally Posted by dalnar83 View Post
Why not 10s in row ? How long does APA, APO and CRF last ? How often you can cycle it

Tractor beam poor cruiser and he is helpless with negative defence and inertia so low it will take them several seconds to accelerate. Now in team environment you will also have your power drained and you will be SNBed.

So please, of course his numbers are possible in PvP on common basis from top escort players.
it is called power drop, and it is a really signifficant factor when it comes to energy weapons. even with EPtW you can't keep your weapons above 100 for 10 seconds.

what the problem here is, you count the numbers that leave the escort...while i only count the numbers that actully arrive at the target. Yes being tractored is a heavy ability and without the target doing anything about it, it will kill it in seconds. But once TT, TSS, and other def abilities are up and timed right, to avoid the subnuke strip, chances are really high that the cruiser survives that tractor beam. an escort or sci vessel may not.

also 400k dmg is about the amount of dmg a really really good escort captain deals in 5 minutes of a ten minutes match.
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