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Originally Posted by dalnar83 View Post
You can circumvent the weapon energy drop with DEM + technican doffs. But well. Let's not be picky. Yes his numbers were "too hight" but it was more about the point he made. And I'm also fairly sure, he was not talking about single escort attack, because of the "hundreds bolts" line.

I somewhat understand his frustration, no reason to pick on him. Truth his, a lot of people that say "galaxy is fine" never took it in pvp and such. And low turn rate should have a proper off-set somewhere else, to make the ship "balanced" as much as I loathe the word.
and 99% of people who fly the galaxy in PVP have 0 idea of shipbuild or role they should play in this ship. thats the main reason why they whine...

and i do not pick on him, i simply point out the nonsense he is posting over and over again and calls them facts.

PS: how the hell does Directed energy modulation in combination with a technician doff influence your energy levels? please explain? is it a special doff? and yes i want to be picky on that, since it is the top of BS mountain.
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