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11-09-2012, 04:00 AM
Inb4 disparaging lockbox comment.

OK, things I'd want...

I'd want an exchange that only lets you pick up an item from the place it was listed (you can still buy from Tuffli/D'kora/Azura/Vov'wI, but you'll need to actually collect it), thus making a few major trade hubs, but also the chance of getting a bargain if you can be bothered to fetch the items from somewhere out of the way.

I'd want a check-box you can turn on and off at will, and if you turn it on you're flagged as open for PvP at any time by anyone clicking on your ship of the opposing faction(s). If you're in a ship, space combat. On foot, ground combat. Anyone in your team will join with you, and the same for the aggressor.

Also, I'd want an instanced room on the fleet starbase that I can decorate to my own personal tastes. Operating in a similar principle to bridges, ie people can be invited, but with much more customisation and the added bonus of the rest of my fleet's personnel being just the other side of the door for a chat.

I also think that EVERY non-unique item* in the game should be craftable from NON-CONSUMED-ON-USE schematics/blueprints. I'd maybe limit crafted stuff to 2 hand-picked modifiers though, so the NPC [Acc]x3 drop is still worth a chunk of EC.

*weapons, armour, shields, devices etc, the only exception being STF-gear and the like.

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