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11-09-2012, 04:27 AM
A bit short sighted imo.

Power drain immunity? Any counter with 2 minutes downtime is basically useless, when the attack is more or less constant. This is also addressing a current imbalance in the game, that is more or less gamebreaking for any profession. Fixing these powers should be the priority.

Making the strongest ship clas even stronger? I'd be totally opposed to this!

If anything, engineer captains need the following:

Engineer Pattern Alpha: Giving it's weapons 10-15% more bleedthrough. This would give good synergy with cruiser abilities like EWP and DEM. In short, make engineers best at bypassing shields.

On the same note, give Sci captains:

Science Pattern Alpha: A +100 skill boost to particle and graviton generators.

(Both should have CD like APA has for tac captains.)