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Originally Posted by wolfpack12c View Post
I've never been killed in 2 sec.
Honestly I can se where your comming from but building a good ship takes skill.
Building a good skill set takes skill.
Building a good BoFF/DoFF tree takes skill.
If this ever happened the pvp community would stop playing all together.
Pvp isn't about playing it on = ground. It's about defeating your enemy with respect but still not holding back.
On top of that your plan would destroy science. Every good science ablity for the most part is lt.cmd.
Yeah I really dislike this idea
I've seen plenty of people die in 2 seconds. yes, its usually by surprise at the start of the fight and it can be argued that surprising your enemy, and all targeting the same guy is an valid and important tactic and all part and parcel of the experience but it does not help attracting new players if they are annihilated before they have a chance to see what's going on.

PvP has a certain stigma about it all ready. It wont stop people using tactics, or making decent builds but it might not frighten people away either. Either pvp changes or it dies a slow death.

If the idea is truly unattractive then how about making PvP into a sort of Normal and Elite group. Private matches can still be set as full on PvP like we have now, but pug queues use the more restrictive set ups?

You make a valid point about science ships, perhaps they would need to be adjusted to compensate, although sci have probably long needed a boost.

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