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11-09-2012, 05:37 AM
Enigineers and Cruisers already have a purpose, and its not as a primary damage dealer.

Power drain resistance??
NO. Normally I would agree, but while the Siphon Drone is slated for a nerf in the near future the dreaded Tractor Beam Danube got a buff.
So, NO. While the feds get thier wish for siphon drone changes we KDF get shafted by another buff to a fed toy that has been complained about just as much.

Nadion Inversion buff?? This doesn't bother me.

+40 Damage resistance?? LOL
NO. There has been no evidence ever that a Cruiser is a more durable vessel than any other vessel choice in the IP and besides with the numerous Engineer slots on Cruisers and proper skilling your resists should already be near topped out.
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