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11-09-2012, 05:45 AM
Originally Posted by bitemepwe View Post
Personaly I say thanks, but no thanks.

Before I bother to stay and play a special adapted version of PvP meant to limit as well as balance I would rather wait and see if the Dev team is going to fix what they let go ignored so long.
We've waited for 3 years and in truth little has happened? How much longer do we 'wait and see' for? The way I see it, its time for a little thinking outside the box. something different but practical.

Of course this is just a rough idea. Not every aspect of this has to be used. It can be modified in any way people wish.

my main concerns are;

1) lets make it a little more attractive to new/inexperienced players, because we need the numbers.
2) lets make it fair, where skill is based on experience and not on who spent the most money, because you cant even pretend to have balance if people are out-buying the competition.
3) lets make it a little less of a mess on the battlefield, so people can enjoy themselves.
4) no one, no matter how hard they try will ever make the higher powers balanced. there are too many, that are too different to make eveybody happy.

maybe its me. i personally prefer tier 2 or 3 PvP much more than tier 5. i think its more enjoyable, less hectic and just much more fun.

Adapting to a new situation is what PvP players are meant to be good at, right?

Or is the status quo fine for everybody, because to me it's kinda dull.

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