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Originally Posted by duaths1 View Post
a new player needs to get into PVP without having to adjust his normal PVE setting.
What you are proposing is for everybody to make an in-depth analysis and theorycrafting BEFORE they even have seen a PVP match.
I grant you that the set up required is a barrier from letting them enter straight away. It will take a few mins to set up, but I don't think its a difficult barrier to overcome. Perhaps a nice tutorial needs to be made as well.

Because its more restrictive the theory crafting would be much easier than what is is now. This is not life and death where you get one chance only to make it right. People will know what their skills are from PvE. Any new player entering for the first time will have their PvE set up and will probably make modifications after playing a few rounds of PvP. That's they way it has always worked.

Sure people will have to make an educated guess the first time but that is little different to the first time any of us entered. They will be able to modify their set up with PvP experience. I don't see that as a massive issue.

What opposes your theory is that a B'rel, with only 4 BOFF's and less consoles, hull, shields in an experienced hand is capable of destroying any ship with any console in hands of a noob.
That has nothing to do with what I am saying. A vet player should be better than a newb even with a weaker ship at times, thats just the way of things. I'm not disputing that newbs should suddenly be able to go toe to toe with vets. That's a skill difference obtained over time. What I'm saying is the current set up, people can have unfair advantages by paying money. Whether its 2 newbs playing each other or 2 vets, the guy with the Bug ship beats the guy in the B'rel. I don't really think that's fair and for PvP only I would prefer to see that addressed if possible.

What PVP needs is a reward system, adverisement in the launcher and ingame, ranking, so that the noobs can fight among themselves and do not get insta-killed by a pro.
I agree with that and leaderboards that allow new inexperienced players to fight amongst themselves is a fine idea, and perhaps solves many of the issues I have. Not all of them but it could be a start.

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