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1) The huge number of abilities is reduced, meaning pvp comes more down to skill than who can chain off the right number of abilities. This makes it more like tier 3 PvP where its a little more manageable for new players and less hectic all round. Teamwork and tactics are the order of the day.

2) It will be less confusing as there are less abilities to pick from and be hit with making counters easier to use. It should also make it more balanced as everyone gets the same boff station configs (3 ensign, 1 lt), and you will know what a ship is capable of.

3) People wont have access to the mega abilities that result in almost instant kills giving people time to enjoy the fight rather than being blown to hell inside 2 seconds.

4) Higher up powers can be tweaked for PvE as much as they like as they will never be used in PvP again.

5) Much more restrictive set up will give PvP players a new challenge to learn as they set up their ships.

6) It should make it much fairer all round. PvP Should largely be about skill, and gear. Not cash spent. Leave that for PvE only.

7) The PvP Reputation system does not affect normal PvE, and thus attracting leechers, but does give proper PvP players something to aim for, and still provides the hardcore elite PvP players with that sense of superiority.

Responding to your points:

1) There are 6 types of pieces on a chess board, Bishop, Knight, Rook, Queen, King and Pawn. The knights, rooks, and bishops are doubled. So let's add another 3 onto the mix. So 9 total types, let's call these doubles on a skill tree to reduce cool down. If you reduce stuff, you will have a game less complicated than chess at that point.

2) Confusion is the result of lack of knowledge mostly. If you make yourself familiar with those abilities, you will not be as prone to confusion.

3) The Queen on a chess board is the "mega" ability. In essence, PvP is strategic just like chess and often deemed as "speed chess. If you have 5 players playing against another 5 who all have queens, it's like having a tournament of chess. Where one team bests the other. So in essence, the "commander" slot for all ships, is the Queen ability on your team.

4) They should be used in PvP. Imagine a Chess game with no Queens on the board. Boring dull, and not exciting.

5) Restricting players to a lesser form of game play will get a lot of flak in this community.

6) I agree, but the timing of those skills are comparable to the use of a Queen on a chess board. You tend to lose if you use your Queen recklessly without a plan.

7) Trust me, you don't want people measuring **** in an online MMO. It leads to pointless arguments about superiority. You want everyone participating, superior or not. Turkish RP Heroes by far and large is not superior in experience when it comes to PvP. However we bode very well vs those that have way more experience than us when it comes to PvP. However, do not going around boasting it. In fact, we would appreciate all PvE'ers be required to PvP in this game like PvPers are required to PvE. At least this way, the "superiority" you speak of is merely a whisper in a multitude of players and fleets.

Thanks for your post. But the fix for PvP comes at the significant dollar investment needed by the developers to fix it. This is the inherent problem with PvP and has always been this way. The neglect to invest into PvP, is due to it's small player base. Eliminating skills, etc isn't going to create more player base, but reduce it instead.

-PaxOttomana of Turkish RP Heroes.