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11-09-2012, 06:48 AM
You can do what you are describing, start the mission by talking to a contact at ESD.

What you have to do is go to the story tab. Look at the right side Library menu. At the very top of the list is something called "Cryptic Maps" you must click and drag this into your mission right below that introductory dialogue.

This has added what we call a "social map" to your mission. You can now click and drag a "Talk to contact" objective onto the box representing that map. The click to select component, you'll get a listing of all the available social maps, Bajor, DS9, ESD, etc. and a list of contacts to choose from.

Select one, and now you have a talk to contact on the public ESD map.

Now, you can't go straight from talking to that person to your first custom map. You still have to transition via a "door" somewhere. You'll see the need for that when you drag the first custom map into the story window. The transition box will come up automatically and prompt you to select a door to leave from instead of "Whole Map" which it doesn't allow from social maps. I suggest using a door on the same social map close by where your contact is, like the door next to the admirals office on ESD.
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