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11-09-2012, 07:03 AM
there are two problems i see behind all this.

1) Synergy: the engie class has next to zero synergy with anything but a heal cruiser. Sci scorts fill a roll, even Tac/sci. But engie can't even fly a decent DPS cruiser.

2) Gameplay: tanks are worthless in pvp, and thats what the eng class is by design if they were healers, they would be able to cast heals on others, which they don't. most cruisers tend to be tanks as well. From a gameplay perspective this is really boring. A tac gets to roll as many times as he wants until the tank blows up. While the tank has no chance of killing the dmg dealer. Imv, the crew mechanic was at some point designed to address this. if the dmg dealers fail to deliver the burst to kill a tank, the tank should be able to kill its target by a 1000 cuts method. This doesn't work, just like the crew mechanism. After tanking for prolonged time, the dmg dealers should become more vulnerable.

I'm not sure how the OPs suggestions would achieve anything like this.
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