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11-09-2012, 08:12 AM
With the proposed changes coming to the Borg set, BFI DOffs, and the rumor of a Tactical Team change the days of Escorts tanking as well as a Cruiser in combat are coming to a close and the Cruiser will be able to perform the "Death by a thousand cuts" as intended.

It think this whole Engineer/Cruiser complaint that has been in the forums is an overreaction to those powers and once they are tweaked the complaints will stop for the most part though some will still cry foul becuase thier Engineer/Cruiser pairing is not the damage dealer of the group and by defualt is the Tank/healer.

Engineer in a Cruiser = Tank/Healer/support fire/limited debuff and CC
Tactical in a Cruiser = Tank/ damage support dealer/limited debuff and CC
Science in a Cruiser = Tank/ Debuff and CC/ support fire.
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