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Don't they say keep your enemies closer? This is as close as can be And by doing so, carefully keeping the Romulans away from important info, you learn more about their defenses, and see if their peace drivel is actually true or not.

If they are, we can subdue them without a single blow or effort, and focus resources elsewhere. If not, well, you all know what's next.

My two cents
Or to divide and conquer :

Ally with some remaining factions to build them up and use them to hold back the Federation while crushing everyone else in Romulan space not acknowledging the superiority of the empire.

Klingons do not only fight, they can do politics. And they have had minor realms paying tribute instead of being outright conquered for centuries. Having more or less independent vassal states is nothing new and does fit quite well into the quite feudal Klingon society.

Also, Romulans have nearly been as often been allies as they were enemies. Pretty much the same as Federation.