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Originally Posted by hanover2 View Post
Smaller fleets undeniably were hurt by the resource costs in the first place, and the "intent" of the fleet base project is irrelevant to this fact. The quickie foundry missions were one viable way of compensating for this flaw in the game design. Not everyone has the ability or the desire to be part of a larger fleet, so the "find a big fleet" recommendation might as well be "I've got no answer, so here's a mindless knee jerk," for all it's useless smugness.
I have never - ever - suggested to people to be part of a larger fleet - look way back in my posting history - you will see a dozen threads about the problems starting in June - before the launch of S6 "Starbases - the beginning of the END"

In there I stated something that i knew would happen in large fleets - even more drama - and dissatified players - who are in effect just building a king his personal "space castle"

There was no "flaw" the system was designed to take a long time for the Avg size fleet and very long OR NEVER for a very small fleet.

This last part is something that you don't seem to understand - they were NOT designed for small fleets - Period - there is no "flaw"

The Officer daily was infact an "exploit" to get around this design - you have got it backwards.

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