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This just occured to me: If someone has his forum account hacked (like a password theft), and the hacker posts something worth a perma-ban on the forum. (imagine a user you've offended in game or real life, who wants to get back at you). You log in the next day, and find you're banned, with no explanation to what you did wrong, just the nature of the crime.... You file a ticket, and you're just getting a list of the rules you broke as reply, and the ticket is closed. And you still don't know that you were hacked. Is there any way to get to know exactly what you did wrong? (Then you could at least know what it was that went wrong, or if something was posted in your name without you knowing)

I'm curious about this, as lots of players spend more time in forum than in game, and loosing forum privileges can be sort of a big deal... And you would also loose access to the dev-tracker, wich would be painful for a PvP player trying to stay on top of coming changes.
I can't claim to know the mechanism behind Account Guard, but I do know that it was specifically put in place to prevent account hijacking. It links use of your account to one or more computers that you authorize, and you're notified via email that a computer has been authorized against your account. That's the whole point of it.

This is an example of an email you'd get from Account Guard (personal info has been changed for my protection):

A new computer named ?SOMEPC? has been authorized to your account on SOMEDATE, 2012 at SOMETIME PM EST from the following IP address: REALIPADDRESS

If you did not authorize this computer on your account, we suggest you change your password immediately and contact Customer Support to ensure this location is de-authorized.
Now again, I do not know by what means Account Guard does what it does. As a computer professional, I have vague and speculative guesses, but I don't know. Even if I did, I wouldn't say anything that might help someone hack around it. It might be able to track down a banned user trying to log in from an authorized computer, but that's only speculation on my part and I have no direct knowledge one way or the other.

The main point is, if you're not doing anything unwise you really shouldn't lose any sleep over the possibility that you're going to get your account hacked and banned. It's just not likely. Your account is better protected than a lot of other online accounts are.
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