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Originally Posted by tom61sto View Post
For CSE, I'd run all DHCs and turrets and then slot a Tac in the Uni with CSV2 to take care of the BoPs the fastest. I had quite a hard time with CSE in a standard Sci ship, but can rip through BoPs in an escort like they were tinfoil. BO is nice on the larger ships, but for BoP swarms after the first cube is popped you need CSV on 3x cannons. FAW on a DBB and CSV at the same time will drain weapon power quite quickly, and I was bottoming out quite often when I tried that in an escort. Using mines against the BoPs will depend on your strategies. CSE is pure DPS really and often has you on your own (unless you're in a pre-made), so the DPS needs fall to you. For most other things I'm intending to running it more like a Sci ship with a DBB and Sci Lt. Comm. I can keep a DHC in my inventory and just switch the BOff and cannon in and be ready for DPS work on a moment's notice.
Thanks for reply but I wasn't speaking about BoPs, but Raptors. BoPs I can take care of with pretty much everything. Raptors are bigger issue, as I've been having difficulties with them playing something other than an escort or a battlecruiser. I.e. something that doesn't have dual cannons and CSV . That's why I'm so happy to see Vesta, as it's the closest thing to Kar'Fi FEDs are gonna have. I'm going to be able to use science and support/healing abilities and still be able to solo Raptors without having to worry about them reaching Kang. Just the case of selecting proper combination of weapons.