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Originally Posted by cptjhunter View Post
Heh,I wasn't listening to her dialougeCaptain Tapioca was the most annoying part of the show to me.
Phlox, and Malcom Reed were saving Graces in the show.
Enjoy your penance,and re-watch Voyager when you commit another crime
Thing that annoyed me with Archer was that he was clearly being written to be a great captain, despite being a bad captain. Other characters treated him like an accomplished diplomat, veteran soldier, and recognized that he and his crew were formidable on any field whether as an ally or enemy.

See, Janeway I also consider a bad captain, but that aspect of Voyager was always saved in my eyes because they regularly made it look like she was being written as a bad captain - her officers actually call her on bad decisions, and she responds the way a bad captain would. A bad captain can still be a good character, when it drives conflict for example.

If you blacked out Janeway and muted her dialog and watched those scenes, you'd think, "Wow, she must be a bad captain." Then you put her in, and surprise, she's making a questionable decision and using rank to silence dissent.

If you did that with Archer, you'd think, "Wow, he must have Picard's diplomacy, Sisko's ruthlessness, and Kirk's integrity. He must be the best captain ever." Then you put him back in, and it's him literally threatening to hover a shuttle craft over a sacred tree and pee out the door (presumably blaring Flight of the Valkyries over the coms) because it's somehow the aliens' fault that his dog is sick.

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