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11-09-2012, 09:07 AM
Originally Posted by heineko View Post
An account has a theoretical maximum of 46 characters.

Fill all 46 with 45 Klingon alts + 1 fed. Get every single one of them to do the clicky, then buy dil with it.

46 x 1446 / 158 = 420 Zen a day, after a $110 investment, that pays for itself in 26 days!

Its ridiculous. I'm glad this is going away. Now at least people can only physically play 6-7 doffing mule characters a day, while they'd all hit the 8k cap its less than the ridiculous amount generatable by 1.5h of work a day.
How many people play the game and how many no life people do that again?
Why are you glad ? (probably missed the reason ...hope you dont have 46 toons and you want to zen for your dilithium)

for my small 4 person fleet this means no more fleet marks and you can be sure I wont hire you to grind fleet marks for my fleet.This will only benefit asian gold farmers who will get more zen for their dilithium .I will stop selling zen because no more fleet marks means no more fleet projects and the tier 4 goal is to far away to have any reason to continue with it.This means my dilithium sink is gone and no reason to get more.

what you said there is @10 people do that ...lets punish every person without 46 toons with a job and no time to grind fleet marks.Good job North Korea.