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# 1 Give the Varanus Dual Cannons
11-09-2012, 08:07 AM
I just thought of something. Why not give the Varanus Dual cannons? I've been running it on my Gorn Alt and its a fun ship, but it just doesn't stand a chance firepower wise compared to the newer fleet ships. Of coarse, they KDF didn't even get a Science ship in the fleet store....

I doubt the guys at Cryptic even read the KDF forums. But think about this...I know you guys are in it for the bottom line and making a buck. KDF hasn't had a new ship since the Bortas pack back in spring where as the feddies have had something like four going on five releases. So how about throwing us a bone and giving us a few little things? Putting Dual cannons on an older C-store ship like the Varanus or even the Corsair probably wouldn't take much labor and it would at least be a good, but small, gesture.

And who knows might even generate some sales. I don't know the numbers, but I doubt the Varanus has ever sold well. I've been playing since F2P and I don't think I've seen more then a dozen, that might have been the same ship. I bet it took a good deal of resources to model it and insert it into the game, so why not get your money worth and freshen it up. Maybe do a blog post to highlight its new capabilities.