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11-09-2012, 09:14 AM
Oh I would love it if the game had dual monitor support, just to be able to clear all of the minutia off of the main screen
As for touch screen support, I don't know about that, I can get pretty intense on the keyboard, repetitive keyplay would not be a good thing for something as expensive as a touch screen monitor. You might be surprised by how much wear can be generated on a plastic surface just by your fingers alone and LCD monitors are essentially really thin layers of glass in a plastic case, too much pressure equals very bad things.
That said there are modifiable USB gaming keypads that you could layout in a LCARS format to simulate a Star Trek control screen if you want that kind of immersion.
Another problem I can see with a touch screen/pad is the lack of tactile feedback, with a keyboard you at least get the physical confirmation of a button pushed, the game has no option for generating tones with key-presses so you would have to be running a 3rd party app that makes the beeps and blips.

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