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Originally Posted by redricky View Post
IDK brother, looks like more passive heals coming from reputation and embassy consoles. I think I see things going more and more towards crit builds. Just my theorycraft and 2 EC.
Things are going that route but I see a period of low healing for Escorts due to the changes mentioned before the Passive Heals from Reputation and Embassy heals become more commonplace.
Once those new passives are in place we will be back exactly where we are now. Unbalanced in some form or fashion becuase Cryptic keeps producing game dynamics designed for player PvE fun but not balanced in any fashion for PvP.

We may have to accept that STO will have a P2W based mechanic as far as PvP is concerned and other than attempting call for balance on those abilities and combo's that are beyond balance in use, we may have to learn to live with a system that is as much skill of the player as it is P2W of the player.
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