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The future Kathryn Janeway brought Tranphasics back in the final Voyager episode(along with ablative hull armor) to give the present day Voyager a massive advantage against the Borg. And a massive advantage it was as one Transphasic torpedo dispatched an entire Borg Cube. The idea was not that Transphasic torps would have an increased "bleedthrough" effect; but that they actually phased out of the space time continuum during flight, thus allowing them to easily pass through the enemy ships shields and hull - they would then rephase into the continuum inside the enemy ship near a vital area(i.e. power core, antimatter storage, vinculum, etc...) and explode, thus obliterating the enemy from the inside outward.
Transphasic torpedos are detonated so that the explosion is distributed through asymmetric superposition of multiple phase states. Shields can only block one subcomponent of the pulse. The other subcomponents deliver the majority of the pulse to the target.

So in fact shields adapting to and designed against transphasic torps would lead to a greater bleedthrough no matter.

In my opinion transphasics are best suited for cruiser captains, since they'll provide some nice damage from cruisers who have difficulty with dps anyways, throw in a few torpedo officers and rapid reloads and they are quite nice!
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