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Originally Posted by heineko View Post
An account has a theoretical maximum of 46 characters.

Fill all 46 with 45 Klingon alts + 1 fed. Get every single one of them to do the clicky, then buy dil with it.

46 x 1446 / 158 = 420 Zen a day, after a $110 investment, that pays for itself in 26 days!

Its ridiculous. I'm glad this is going away. Now at least people can only physically play 6-7 doffing mule characters a day, while they'd all hit the 8k cap its less than the ridiculous amount generatable by 1.5h of work a day.
I think the exploit is having that many alts, since only a couple can be actually played during a day. Obviously the high number of alts are there simply to farm.
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