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Originally Posted by rodentmaster View Post
Sci oddy is a total ripoff without subsystem targeting.
The science odyssey gets +10 power to shields and auxiliary. These are where your tanking comes from. It also gets a free hull heal from the Work Bees. Not a particularly strong heal, but it doesn't share a cooldown with anything else and at 45 seconds this is one of the few universal consoles that you can actually work into your general build.

It is, quite simply, the finest tanking cruiser in the Federation.

Originally Posted by suaveks View Post
For every other purpose take the science variant, as it gets free sensor analysis that doesn't do that much
You underestimate what sensor analysis does; every tick of Analysis that you collect, that is 3% more damage with your weapons. That's 3% actual damage, i.e. it's applied after everything else. If your target stays alive long enough to collect the full stack of 10, your 8-gun cruiser will be fighting like it's a 10+ gun cruiser.

Now, granted, with the science odyssey you have to make difficult choices: if you stay fixated on one target your firepower will become quite significant, but then you can't share your heals with your team. You have to be able to triage the situation and know when it's worth trying to save somebody and when the best course is to stay on target and keep that firepower.